Final Round: Mau VS Anni

It’s the final day of campaigning and I can’t help wondering how things will turn out in two days time. I’m excited, and at the same time a little cautious, at the thought of what changes Maldives would go through if Maumoon is voted out. It’s a big ‘if’ though.

As the first round of the election proved, not everyone wants a president who was already extremely old when some pharaoh came up with the idea to build pyramids. Watching our geriatric leader talk about the new heights that he’s going to take the country to and the tough decisions that the next president will likely have to make, I can’t help but wonder what makes him so sure that he’s even going to be around in a few years time. Sure he’s managed to make it this far (a remarkable achievement, I’m sure) but how much longer can he hold out against the relentless flow of time? He’s likely to just keel over any day now and doctors will find that, no matter the circumstances surrounding his death, he had died of extreme old age. How’s he gonna make tough decisions about the future if he ain’t gonna be in it?

As Chris Rock says “I don’t want a president with a Bucket List!”

I have no doubt that, given the current state of Maldives, Anni has a very good chance of beating Maumoon in a free and fair election. But that’s the thing, right? Is it going to be a free and fair election? From what we’ve seen in the past I have a suspicion that Maumoon is going to win the election with over a 60% majority, regardless of who gets the most votes.

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Final Round: Mau VS Anni

  1. penny says:

    depressing to think Maube’ will win…

  2. Inaya says:

    i think u’re right.. even if anni wins this election, maumoon might still be swearin in as a president come nov 11.. depressing beyond words!

  3. Shihana says:

    We’ll know tomorrow right. I think things will turn out all right, this time. And by right I mean NOT Maumoon.

  4. Dictators cannot be voted out from elections. If Anni wins, Maumoon will bring out his military juggernaut. The only way to oust a dictator will be through revolution, peaceful or not. That’s what history has taught us. But I hope that the transition in Maldives is peaceful. I don’t want to see blood though I doubt whether Maumoon is of the same view.

  5. azmyst says:

    Well whadyaknow? Turns out I was wrong. Damn! I’ve never felt so good about being wrong before. Maumoon’s reign is over. I still wonder how he got such a relatively high percentage of votes despite all he’s done. Oh well, doesn’t matter now. There’s changes a coming!

  6. Iya says:

    hey nice one. i cant believe u were that depressed over a little thing! hehehe

    oh, PS, me and thom are going coffee-ing. mail me!!

  7. Thom says:

    feels good to be free eh?

    anyways.. theres another coffee tomorrow night at 8.. same plc… drag along as many bloggers as ya can 😉

    be cool to see u there!

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