I should have known this would happen eventually when I started uploading my digital paintings and photos to DeviantArt, but it still came as somewhat of a shock. What happened is that someone’s “stolen” one of my works on DA and used part of it on some Rapidshare links forum’s banner graphic without my permission. I got the heads-up from a friend on DA who just sent a simple message saying “check this link”. At first I didn’t realise what he was trying to show to me but the photo at the top did look a little familiar. It took a few seconds for realization to dawn.

Link to the forum

Here is a low-res version of my original painting.

Some time back, when I was very active on DA, several of my DA friends were very upset when their artworks were stolen from DA and put up on Photobucket, sometimes for sale even. It had become quite a big problem for DA users. I was kinda expecting some of my works to end up on Photobucket and wondering how I would react to it but the situation never came about (as far as I know). Probably coz my work isn’t good enough to steal. πŸ™‚

Anyway, having finally experienced getting my work used by someone else for their own purposes without my permission, I have to admit that at first I felt quite flattered, probably because it felt good to find out that someone thought my work was actually good enough to steal. But after the initial rush, I’m not feeling too good about it. The feeling isn’t particularly pleasant. ugh!


10 thoughts on “Ripped!

  1. penny says:

    yup. same ass

  2. Shihana says:

    Flattered? Copyright infringement is flattering? You really are a wierdo you know. πŸ™‚

  3. Is there any way you can complain to that forum and have it removed?
    Shihana: what a beauty you are — at least from your profile photo!

  4. azmyst says:

    I don’t really want it removed but if they are using it I would at least like to be credited. I’ve sent a mail, to see if they respond.

    And hey, stop hitting on the beauties who visit my blog! hehehhe

  5. andhu says:

    by any chance are u a friend of azmee?

  6. azmyst says:

    Which Azmee? I know at least five!

  7. shanoo says:

    after all they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.. could be stretched and applied here as well eh…

  8. azmyst says:

    heheh… true. No wonder I felt flattered at first. But then again, this isn’t imitation. πŸ˜€

  9. Deniz Ozdol says:

    That web site belongs to me, I am sorry for using your painting without your permission. If you wish, I can remove that.


  10. azmyst says:

    I don’t mind you using it; just not happy you didn’t ask for my permission and used it without crediting me.

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